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Member since: November 5, 2008
Last visit: November 26, 2012
Name: Shunya
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Location: Minsk
Country: Belarus
Fav. BEP: Fergie
Fav. Song: Pump it
Fav. Video: Pump It
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category: Anything | November 9 | @810 | comments comments(15)

Here is the quiz i made: 1. My birthday is… 2. My favorite food is… 3. My favorite tv show is… 4. My favorite pastime is… 5. My favorite color is… 6. My sign is… 7. The thing I like most about myself is… 8. The thing I dislike most about myself is… 9. My favorite animal is… 10. My favorite sport is… 11. My favorite video game is… 12. I was born in (city and state)… 13. My full name is… 14. My hero is… 15. My favorite candy is… 16. My favorite cartoon character is… 17. My favorite band is… 18. My favorite song is… 19. The best looking guy that I’ve ever seen is… 20. To my fantasy dinner, I’d invite the four following guests… 21. My favorite time of...


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Published on: 11/26/2012

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04/02/14 @826
08/03/11 @856
Heyy... sry 4 my late. :p The weather got really nice, so I didn`t use net so much.
Gosh, I can`t believe there`s only one month left till school starts. :p It`s soo weird. When I have nothing to do, I guess, it would be more interesting to go to school, but when it really starts I remember that there`re also things like homework, tests and etc... :p Well, this year every one in our grade will have to make zpd (it could be research work, idk how to explain) and then in the end of the year we`ll have to make a presentation and present it. Right now it doesn`t makes big sense, but when I think about it I get kinda scared... imagine all those wasted hours, just to make some teachers and principal happy by showing them a research about some damned problem that is actually never gonna be solved. :?
Sooo.... I gotta enjoy last free weeks, but I have no idea how. There`s nothing really entertaining on the tv, nothing new on the net ( - except this, pretty interesting) and it`s too hot to do any activities outside.
Anything new? :)
Hope, you`re doing good.
07/14/11 @486
not really, i follow only one blog, of tv reviews, because the writer is funny and it's nice to read jaja. what stuff do you like to read on the internet? :)
07/10/11 @858
neighbors are dead :p

i used to listen to it every day for zillion times and i just had to learn it on also learning some evanescence songs on piano...:)

well just me and my teacher.. its same for violin and singing..:) i hope youll learn guitar..:)

yea..:p its long..:p how long is your school?
07/07/11 @923
I love Rovan Atkinson as an actor. :) Have you seen Johnny English? He plays the main role there. It`s soooo funny! Now, when I remembered about this film, I really want to see it again. NOW! :p Hope they`re going to show it on the tv soon.
My net has gotten really slow lately and it`s pretty hard to load movies from the internet.
Well, believe it or not - it didn`t rain today. I went to the river at last. Hadn`t been there for a while. Sum minutes ago the sky looked like there would be a goddamnit thunder coming to make everything wet again, but luckily the dark clouds dissapeared. I guess that the wind blew them for sum very unlucky ppl.
07/07/11 @658
which blogs do you like? :)

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My name is Alexandra. Shunya is diminutive of ''Alexandra'' in Belorussian btw. ^_~ so yep I'm Belorussian.
I love beauty, media, entertainment, psychology and chillin. That's pretty much what my life revolves around. It revolves around a lot of things actually but just to like summarize it a bit right now.

I have lots of interests and hopes and dreams. I also have quite a few little business ventures
+well i would say that with me u can have a lot of fun...well i hope so ;-)
+i am very honest
+my friends say that i am crazy....well yes i think i am crazy...but positive crazy :)
+i am spontaneous
+i would also say that i am faithful
i just want to have a great and hot time with my hot and sexy friends :)))

I am also the epitome of an Aquarius.
I like to take pictures of myself. It's what I do. The way I see it is you either love me or you don't. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. I love anyone not afraif to be themselves & be different. People are always going to try to drag you down, but just know that you don't need anyone else but YOU. Just remember

*Hate is easy, love takes courage*

I just want to travel the world.
Hopefully I'll get to meet some cool people on this journey called life

xoxo / AM / i / UMG
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